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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Kony 2012

I'd like to preface this by saying that I've seen the criticism.

Believe me, I've seen it.

I get that people are more than a little angry about how commercial it seems.

That the whole non-profit is run by a bunch of film makers, not professionals.

That only 33% of the money goes to the actual kids, etc.

But really, it's more than the money.  You don't have to donate to help.  You don't have to open your wallet and donate a single red/green/purple cent of your hard earned change.  What is most important is that you take 30 minutes out of your day (because I know that statistically, many of us spend far more than that watching TV, playing video games, and reading blogs like this one), and watch this movie.  Then share it with your friends.  Share it on Facebook, Twitter, your blog, or just show it someone you love.  The most important thing is to get the word out.

It's more than a little heartbreaking to know that things like this go on in the world- I know that for me, I find it easy to forget that not everyone has as easy a life as I do.  But it's SO important to make sure that everyone knows this is going on, and that it has to be stopped.

And for those who say that this is promoting "slacktivism"?  It may be- but isn't that better than nothing at all?  Even if we can't help, even if we don't have money to donate, or the ability to do anything really meaningful to do, it's still important to know this is going on and do what little we can.

Oh, and if anyone lives in/near the Huntsville Area and is interested in "blanketing the city", I'm SO up for it.  I stay up all night anyway, so I might as well be doing something good with my time.

How do you feel about this movement?  Will you be sharing/donating?  Let me know in the comments!

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  1. I agree with you, it has nothing to do with the money! Just spreading the word helps so much, I'll be participating in my local Cover the Night, can't wait!

  2. Yeah it's so heart breaking n sad to see such cruel things happening in the world....I'd seen this video through stylescrapbook n I was horrified ni knew I had to get the word out so I posted it in my facebook n shared it with my ferns...
    Btw it is so annoying listening to the criticism n all......they just like to exaggerate the bad side.......I agree with u on this one.....u don't have to donate money all u have to do is give a little time n get the message out....basically make KONY FAMOUS to put an end to it....

    1. Sometimes all we can do is hit the "share" button! Thanks for commenting:)

  3. we must all help on this major problem!
    great post!

  4. Although I get the idea of sharing/spreading the message, isn't it a little dishonest and just plan wrong to advocate for something you don't believe?

    Shouldn't we advocating that people do research on the issue and ask questions before we blindly share this (especially considering what is being said by the opposition)?

    1. I posted it BECAUSE I believe it. I don't do anything blindly in my life- people that know me personally (not just from the blog) know that I read reviews/do research on anything before I try it- even something as simple as a new restaurant.

      When I posted this, I did so with the expectation that people would watch it, then form their own conclusions, whether by talking to other people about it and/or doing further research on the topic by themselves.

      Thanks for your comment though:)

    2. My point is not aimed at you (as a person) in particular since you believe it but at one statement in your post: "But it's SO important to make sure that everyone knows this is going on, and that it has to be stopped."

      The point I'm trying to make is that reposting this video doesn't make people aware of what is really happening, it doesn't tell people about what military intervention actually means in this context nor does it educate people on the context of the issue (like how Kony isn't even in Uganda anymore).

      If you are going to be promoting something like this shouldn't you actually be trying to educate people on issue by providing evidence, etc.?

    3. I feel like my only responsibility is to pass on the video, which provides a basic primer to the situation. It is (or ought to be) obvious to anyone who watches it that they should do more research on the subject.

  5. It was very kind of you to post this and spreading the message is one step forwarder. :)
    I'm a new follower both on bloglovin and google, follow back if you like.
    Have a nice weekend! **


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