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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Borgia Faith & Fear

First off, I'm extraordinarily happy to say that I'm done with finals!  Technically, I only had two- for my other classes, I had to write a paper and (for German), go to a German restaurant with the rest of my class and order in the language.  In better news, I didn't have to take a mathematics final!  Anyone with a grade above a 90% was exempt, and guess who made a 95 in the class....?

I've been celebrating by watching a fantastic tv show on Netflix that I'm pretty sure never aired in the U.S: Borgia!  I thought at first that it would be a cheap knock off of Showtimes The Borgias- boy, was I surprised!  Everything about it is perfect.  The characters look insanely like their historical counterparts.  Take Juan/Giovanni for example:

                                        French actor Stanley Weber...

                                        Juan Borgia, Second Duke of Gandia

Not thoroughly convinced yet?

                    The (absolutely delicious) Mark Ryder as the infamous Cesare Borgia

          The real Cesare (who, I'm not gonna lie, is pretty good looking for a Renaissance painting)

Obviously, this has nothing to do with the actor's talent, script writing, or the amazing sets.  It's just an example of how well put together this show is.  Now that I've seen it, I don't know if I still care about seeing the American show about the Borgia family.

Since I'm a huge Jeremy Irons fan though, I'll give it a watch:)

Have you seen Borgia?

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