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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Helpful Links for Aspiring/Current Vegetarians

Curious as to what companies test on animals and which don't?  The first is a comprehensive list of companies that DO test, and the second is a list for those who DON'T.

Personally, I feel like I get stuck in a food rut.  For new ideas, I frequently turn to Jennifer McCann's Vegan Lunchbox website for food inspiration.  The woman is, no lie, a food genius.

AllRecipes is one of my favorite places to go for new and creative vegetarian recipes.  They seriously have everything!

And finally, my one stop shop for finding new animal friendly beauty products (and just beauty products in general!).  Makeupalley also has forums.  I highly recommend the food forums if you're looking for new ideas/recipes, but all of the boards are amazing!

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