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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Coconut Oil Hair Treatment Review

I've written before how I dyed my hair every color of the rainbow in high school (you can read about it here), and because of that, I'm always looking for the latest and greatest in hair treatments and masks.  I love buying a commercial one, with all the lovely scents and outlandish claims, but I always go back to the easiest, cheapest, and quickest to find of them all: Coconut Oil.

This tasty and useful product has been used for thousands of years from South/Central America, Africa, India, to many parts of Asia.  It's quickly gaining popularity here in the West, where people often seek to use really natural products.

                                         Shiny hair last Christmas, courtesy of coconut oil(:

I use Spectrum Brand, but any brand would probably work (although according to some reviews on Makeup Alley, other brands aren't quite as good) and the process is very simple.

1. Take your dry or barely damp hair and gently massage plenty of oil from the ears down, focusing on the ends and the dryest parts of your hair.

2. You can either blow dry your hair, still coated in all the oil to speed up the process, or you can:
     -let it sit for an hour, with your head wrapped in saran wrap or a towel while you do homework or something.
     -Wrap your hair in a towel, lay towels over your pillows, and sleep in it overnight (my favorite way to do it!)

As I write this, I have my hair coated in coconut oil and piled up on top of my head with a hairclip, enjoying the delicious aroma of coconut!

Any of the three ways works beautifully.  Be sure to wash your hair thoroughly- depending on how much oil you use, you might have to wash it twice- and condition & style as usual.

Enjoy your beautiful, shiny, healthy hair!

Until Next Time,


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