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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Review of Phyto Phytokarite Hair Treatment

When I was 15, I bleached my normally dark brown hair blonde- platinum blonde.  I was aiming for Brigitte Bardot, and ended up with something a little more...crayon colored.

Cue the horror movie screams.

Nevertheless though, I didn't give up on my dream of being blonde.  I used intensive conditioning treatments and bleached it out a little more until I ended up with something more Marilyn than Brigitte, but still entirely satisfactory.

I look back on that now and wonder, "What was I thinking?!"

My hair was a fried, poufy mess and far from the luxurious wheat colored strands I longed to flip over my shoulder with a carefree laugh.  I did research (hours upon hours of it) and stumbled across the French line Phyto.  Made from mostly natural ingredients, its Phytokarite line is designed especially for people with really, really dry, damaged hair (like those of us who decide to lighten our hair by 15 or so shades).  I used the line until I no longer needed it, then stashed it back in my closet of forgotten beauty supplies.  The shampoo was used up by visiting guests, but the hair mask was sadly neglected until I found it again last night.

I normally do a hair mask once a week, but didn't feel like using my usual Shiseido one, so I used this instead.  Since I got my hair cut, and have been heat styling, it's felt a lot dryer so I dug this one out.

The mask is a little different to use than others, and it's really best that you do it while taking a bath.  To begin, you wash your hair as normal, then towel dry, until it's more dry than wet.  Then take a small glob of the product in your hands and liquefy it in your fingers until it's thin and creamy.  Massage in your hair, and continue to do so until your whole head is covered (yes, whole head- not just the ends!).  Put your hair up and relax for 15-60 minutes.  When your ready, wash it out.

My hair already felt softer last night, and this morning, I noticed less breakage when I finger combed it (I only brush my hair before washing it, every other time I simply fingercomb and style).

I love this product, but it's one that you can only use when you're hair is really messed up.  It's weird- if you use it when you don't need it, it seems to make your hair dryer.

It's also not animal tested, which is a big pro.  You can read other reviews of Phy Phytokarite hair mask here: Phyto Karite

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