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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Traveling throughout the American South!

We left Alabama super early this morning and drove through Mississippi, Tennessee, Arkansas, and stopped halfway through Texas, near Forth Worth.

13 hours.  OMG.

Today's outfit actually isn't based on a movie/miniseries (unfortunately), but it's just so crazy comfortable and cute that I couldn't resist wearing it.

Before the outfit though, I have to share this:

Dr. Enuf.  How have I never heard of this before?  It's like Sprite, just with a stronger lemon-lime flavor, which is SO delicious.

Sweater: Nick and Nora, Skirt: Home Made (Loving making my own clothes!), Shoes: Chinese Laundry.

Side note: I can't seem to find hose the right color.  I want them more like my skin color (several shades lighter than what they are in real life).  If anyone has any suggestions for brands to try, let me know!

Until Next Time,


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