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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Inspired By....Marie Antoinette & Daniel Deronda

Yesterday we went to Old Tucson, where they filmed classics like Bonanza and (gasp!) Little House on the Prairie!  I grew up with those books, and thoroughly enjoyed the TV series, even though it may have deviated from the books like crazy.  

For once, I didn't take my usual show-off-the outfit pictures.  I suppose I was just too excited and forgot! The only one I really took was in a casket labelled "Horse thief."  How much fun is that?

Dress: Macys, Cardigan: Juicy Couture, Unseen Shoes (same from yesterday): Coach

How cute is that hat?  I wish hats would come back in style, like they used to be.  Sometimes a girl doesn't feel like a headband or dry shampoo to cover up second day hair, amiright?

Pictures (again) from here- side note, how great is that website?  I feel so inspired, just browsing through the costumes!

                                        The view on the way back- so beautiful and wild looking!

We went to an Ethiopian restaurant for dinner, and this was next to it.  I was so confused- Mexican insurance?  A thousand different thoughts raced through my mind as to what that could possibly be.  I've been to Mexico (well...spent a day in Tijuana), but didn't remember having to get special insurance to go (then again, I was 13...).

Have a great day everyone and until next time,


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