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Friday, November 18, 2011


I know it's a little early (by a week, anyway) to be talking about **Thanksgiving** but I'm so excited, I just had to post about it.  I'm going on a lovely cross country trip on Sunday, and won't be coming back until the following Saturday.

I had the ingenious idea of planning out all my outfits to be based on my favorite movies and miniseries, which is SO helpful, and SO inspiring!  I'll be adding my own touches and channelling some of my favorite outfits from Das Wilde Leben, Young Victoria, Daniel Deronda, Marie Antoinette, Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights, and The Tudors.

I won't be doing my regular posts that usually involve recipes, etc, but I will be posting my outfits and the things I did.  I'm going to a place I've only been to once before, so it'll be really exciting!

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