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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

"Where I've Been"

This picture is from an AWESOME Facebook app called "Where I've Been"  According to this map, I've been to a (measly) 7%.  Next year when I move, I plan to remedy that:)

Everything in green is where I want to go- obviously, I haven't filled it in yet, or everything gray would be green.  The blue is where I've been, and the red is where I've lived (Germany, Alabama, Kentucky, Virginia, and Hawaii).  It's my long term goal in life to visit every country in the world.  I LOVE to travel and learning about new cultures.

With the exception of our northern neighbor Canada, I don't think I'll be visiting any new countries in 2011.  I have to say though, Canada was amazing.  We stayed in Quebec (camping outside of Montreal, and spending our days in the city), and drove through the incredibly beautiful Ontario.  I know that someday I'll be back, and when I do revisit the country, I hope to see some more of it.

Do you use this app?  If so, how much of the world have you been to?  Do you like to travel?

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